Association Q&A: Membership Development

How do you convert event attendees to association members?

How do you convert an association event attendee to become an association member? If a non-member shows up at your event, you are already 50% of the way there! Here are three proven association recruitment strategies for converting your association event attendee to an association member: Raise your association event pricing for non-members. If you provide enough […]

How do you sell advocacy as a valuable association member benefit?

Advocacy can be one of your most valuable association benefits.  (Advocacy is also referred to as lobbying, governmental affairs, or public policy at times.) A great example of strong association advocacy can be found in the malpractice compensation limits in various states.  Regardless of whether you agree with them, the limits did not magically appear. They were the […]

What are the best ideas to recruit new association members using a cold prospect list?

Recruiting new association members can be challenging when they are very familiar with your association. Recruiting “cold prospects,” or those who have limited or no knowledge of your association, can be even more difficult. So what are the best ideas to recruit new association members using a cold prospect list? First, let’s start with the good news. […]

How can we write the best association recruitment letter?

Are you struggling to write a recruitment letter or recruitment email for your association? We have seen many examples of association recruitment letters. Put nicely, it’s fair to say that associations struggle with this task. But if you get it right, magical things can happen! Here are three things you need to know about writing a […]

What is the best practice for responding to new membership information requests or enquiries?

How should you respond to requests for your association’s membership information? There are three possible approaches. The one you should use depends on your association’s audience: Send a mailed packet of information that includes printed copies of your annual report and other information. This has been the historical standard, principally because there was no effective alternative. This can […]

How do we know if we have a strong association value proposition?

Many associations are beginning to wonder if they have a strong value proposition. Not too many years ago, associations assumed that they did have an outstanding value proposition: membership was growing, recruitment was easy, retention was simple, and times were good.  Then the economy hit a bumpy stretch, and membership declined.  More concerning, the economy improved, but […]

What is the best benefit to attract more association members?

The best membership benefit is one that is unique to your association or membership organization. Too often, associations offer “member benefits” that can easily be found outside of association membership.  Car rental discounts are the classic example.  But if you look closely at most membership benefits, you’ll find that nearly all benefits could be replaced […]

Should our association give away free memberships to everyone?

It’s a very radical notion, but has your association ever considered giving away membership for free?  Some associations already come close to it by offering very low membership dues. The reason for giving away memberships for free is fairly obvious – it will make the membership grow in size.  The benefits of that are numerous: […]