Association Q&A: Event Registration

How do we know if we have a strong association value proposition?

Many associations are beginning to wonder if they have a strong value proposition. Not too many years ago, associations assumed that they did have an outstanding value proposition: membership was growing, recruitment was easy, retention was simple, and times were good.  Then the economy hit a bumpy stretch, and membership declined.  More concerning, the economy improved, but […]

How can our association make on-site badge pickup easier?

If your association has decided to have attendees pick up their badges at your association’s event, there are a few things to keep mind to make that process easier. First, if your association’s event is small, badge pickup is a relatively straightforward process because attendees can simply obtain them from a table or designated staff […]

Should our association mail badges to attendees before the show?

If you’ve ever been to an association convention and seen people standing in line, not to register, but to simply pick up badges, you have to wonder if there is a better way. The not-so-new idea of mailing badges in advance to your association convention’s attendees is one obvious solution to the problem. However, mailing […]

Should our association offer on-site self-serve event registration?

If you have ever been lost in the jungle of an automated phone directory while trying to reach customer service, “self-serve” doesn’t immediately sound like a particularly appealing option for an association. However, your association is already providing self-serve options for your members during your online registration process. If designed correctly, that process should be […]

Should we require login for association registration discounts?

In most associations, members receive discounts versus non-members when registering for the association’s services, products and events. Depending on the registration system you choose for your online event registration, you may be able to require that members enter a username/password or some sort of identification to receive the association member discount. The alternative is to […]

What are the peak periods for association online event registration?

There are two reasons your association might want to anticipate the peak periods for your association’s online event registration: 1) It will help you load test or at least know when to closely monitor your association’s online event registration system for questions/problems from attendees. 2) It will help you project the total attendance for your […]

What are the best options for association event registration?

Associations have many options available for their association event registrations. These options for associations tend to fall into three categories, all of which include online registration: 1) Online-based applications that are hosted by a company that specializes in registrations. 2) Association database packages that include a registration component, including an online component that is hosted […]

Should our association offer registration before we have the seminars?

Your meeting attendees are probably working on longer timelines than ever before. Jobs are more demanding, personal time is more demanding, and electronic calendars and organizers are found everywhere. Given the pressure to plans their lives further in advance, it may make sense to offer registration to your association meeting or event further in advance […]

How can my association offer instant event discounts for new members?

Offering member pricing for your association event immediately after a new member applies for membership online can be very powerful. It serves as a dual incentive, making both membership and attendance more appealing. However, association membership applications are not always tied directly to the association registration systems, making the instant discount difficult for some associations. […]