How can our association make on-site badge pickup easier?

If your association has decided to have attendees pick up their badges at your association’s event, there are a few things to keep mind to make that process easier.

First, if your association’s event is small, badge pickup is a relatively straightforward process because attendees can simply obtain them from a table or designated staff person at the event.

However, if your association’s event is larger, you will want to consider the following ideas:

– Staff up. Have every available association staff person ready to help with the badge pick up process.

– Hire helpers. If needed, hire and train temporary personnel to help your association with the peak badge pick up periods.

– Self-serve at the convention facility. Provide self-serve badge pick up stations at the convention facility. This would require that your association event attendees enter some sort of registration confirmation code or username/password.

– Self-serve at remote locations. Provide self-serve badge pickup stations at facilities that are on the way to your association’s convention facility. Examples would include the headquarters hotel and other main hotels used by attendees, as well as the airport.

Given enough staffing and self-serve options, your association event attendees may find that picking up the badge upon arrival is quick, easy and convenient.

Does your association have attendees pick up badges upon arrival? Has this ever been problematic?

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