How do we know if we have a strong association value proposition?

Many associations are beginning to wonder if they have a strong value proposition.

Not too many years ago, associations assumed that they did have an outstanding value proposition: membership was growing, recruitment was easy, retention was simple, and times were good.  Then the economy hit a bumpy stretch, and membership declined.  More concerning, the economy improved, but membership did not follow, at least not like it did in the “good old days.”

So how do you know if your association has a strong value proposition?

A good rule of thumb is that if:

  • your association membership demographics are skewing older each year; and
  • your association membership count is flat to declining …

… then your association probably doesn’t have a strong value proposition.

Fixing your association membership value proposition can be difficult. There may be underlying, systemic factors that may prevent your association from ever having a strong value proposition in your current form. On the flip side, it may be that your association has a wonderful value proposition, but no one has found the correct way to articulate it.

If you think you have a weak association value proposition, we invite you to contact us. We can help you find the path to a strong association value proposition that will help your association grow and prosper once again.  With any luck, the “good old days” are just around the corner!

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