How can we write the best association recruitment letter?

Are you struggling to write a recruitment letter or recruitment email for your association?

We have seen many examples of association recruitment letters. Put nicely, it’s fair to say that associations struggle with this task. But if you get it right, magical things can happen!

Here are three things you need to know about writing a great association recruitment letter:

  1. You probably have 80% of what you need right now to write the letter … but it’s the least important 80%. You have the list of programs, services and discounts that your association offers. These are useful, but unless you can get your prospective member to read that far, this list doesn’t matter.
  2. The most important part of your association recruitment pitch is the first two or three sentences.  These sentences must captivate your audience. They must solve a problem, or promise something aspirational.  Here’s a hint about what does NOT work:  “We invite you to join _[your name here]_ Association.” That’s a great call to action, but hardly compelling. AFTER you’ve found the correct “promise,” you can follow it with the list mentioned above in point #1, then this call to action.
  3. The call to action has to be clear.  Don’t be wishy washy about what you need the prospective member to do. Should they call you? Should they email you? Should they apply using your online form? Bear in mind that applying for membership may not be the correct call to action if you have a very expensive or complicated association membership. As always, simpler is better.

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