What new association membership benefits work in a strong economy?

What new association member benefit do your members love during a strong economy? If you are a trade association, a strong economy often means it is difficult for your association members to find employees.

So that great new benefit during a strong economy is workforce development: matching your association members’ job openings with prospective employees.

As an example, the Indiana plumbing heating cooling contractors association created a website to help people find jobs in Indiana. The site “The Best Career 4 You,” is seemingly very simple, consisting of only two pages. But behind the scenes, powerful programming and a robust database are matching those looking for a job with those members who need employees.

The system is supported by an analytically-driven marketing campaign that measures the effectiveness of various ads and terms, providing useful information for the association as well as the members.

If you would like to learn more about the system and marketing, let us know.

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