How do you convert event attendees to association members?

How do you convert an association event attendee to become an association member? If a non-member shows up at your event, you are already 50% of the way there!

Here are three proven association recruitment strategies for converting your association event attendee to an association member:

  1. Raise your association event pricing for non-members. If you provide enough pricing incentive for a non-member attendee to join your association, they will typically do so. Some associations simply make the non-member price equal to “the member price plus one year of membership,” stating that the non-member price includes one year of association membership. That’s a 100% certain way to convert them, although if your association membership price is somewhat high, this might cause a loss of attendees. This strategy is probably best reserved for popular annual association events with high price tags.
  2. Make every event more relevant to your members. If non-members aren’t converting to member after an event, it means that either: a) they didn’t find the event compelling, or b) they don’t find enough other items in your schedule compelling. Fix the programs, and it should fix the membership. Note: If your association events are highly relevant to your non-members and cannot be found elsewhere, then there is a very good chance that your pricing differential is too low for non-members to realize it is worth joining the association; in that case, see #1.
  3. Use the event as a forum to market your association membership. In many cases, non-members may not realize that you offer relevant association benefits outside of the event. This can be particularly true for mega-size association events. Associations are often “too humble,” even in the case of small events. Spread the word at the event about how your association can help people improve their career, profession, life, etc.!

Of these options, we recommend #4, “All of the above.” Association membership marketing works best when using multiple strategies and media.

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