Where do job listings fit into the association non-dues revenues portfolio?

What are the most popular pages in an association web site? Would you be surprised to find that job postings and career areas are among the most visited pages, regardless of the type of association?

It’s true. While seemingly not part of the core mission of most associations, job posting pages are still among the most popular for visitors, member and non-member alike. The reasons are fairly obvious: people are seeking jobs, and people are seeing what is moving and shaking in their industry.

Most associations tend to have job or career areas on their web sites. If yours does not, you are probably considering adding an area of that nature. So where do job postings and career areas fit into the overall non-dues portfolio? While most associations have found value in including these areas, the revenue philosophies vary widely. Some of the most common are:

– Charge only the job posters but not the job seekers.

– Don’t charge job posters or job seekers.

– Don’t allow job postings at all, but do allow resume postings at no charge.

The reasons for these variations tend to be political rather than having an economic basis. For example, some associations do not allow postings for fear of creating competition among the member companies. Along the same lines, some associations disallow resume postings from employees at member companies. If associations can resolve the political issues associated with job postings and career areas, the revenue potential can be significant. However, the political issues are not to be overlooked, as competition among member companies may be in conflict with the mission of the association and generally non-conducive to the idea of “associating for the common good.”

What is your policy and experience at your association?

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