Should we personalize the content of our association web site?

The short answer is “yes.” 

Personalizing the content of your web site is an excellent way to improve the value that you offer to your members. Moreover, personalization has been shown to improve response to offers.

That said, the expense of personalizing your association web site has to balanced by having something truly valuable to offer. For example, simply placing your members’ names on the page doesn’t add much value beyond letting them know they are logged in.

On the other hand, delivering only the association news and information that is relevant for their type of membership, position or company can be very valuable (this assumes your association creates enough news and information to make “wading through it” a problem in the first place; if not, perhaps your resources would be better used to generate more news and information in the first place). Not only does delivering only key content make the life of your association member easier, but it is also likely to result in better communication and response rates because you are delivering a focused, relevant message.

The bottom line is that, yes, you should customize the content of your association membership – but only if you have the content and information to merit it.

Has your association started to customize the content of your web site? What were the first items that you began to customize?

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