Is responsive web design important for our association mobile strategy?

Responsive web design is critical to your association’s success.

That’s a strong statement, but it is so true.

Responsive web design refers to the ability of your website to respond to the user’s device, be it a computer, tablet, smartphone or other mobile device. Without responsive web design, your association members and prospects will be forced to continually zoom into your pages on their mobile devices so they can read the text. More likely, these mobile users will simply leave your website.

Why should you care so much about mobile device users? Because if they don’t already represent the majority of your website visitors, they soon will.

Can an app replace your association’s need for a responsive website? In a word, no. Apps are excellent tools for focused audiences such as those attending your association convention. Even a general association app won’t be a suitable resplacement for a responsive website because it can’t cover the breadth or depth of information – nor can it keep up with constant updates and expansion of that information.

If your website is not responsive, upgrading to a responsive website is the most important priority for your association this year, bar none. Without a responsive design you are at risk of losing both prospects and current members, as it makes your association far less useful and modern.

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