How can we maximize revenue from our association meeting attendees?

Your most profitable customers are often those who have purchased from you before. However, in the case of association convention and meeting attendees, the association often stops selling the moment their registrations are complete.

Here are a few ideas that may help you maximize revenues from these customers:

– While they are registering for your association event, let them know what is popular among other attendees (this is commonly seen at Amazon and other online retailers).

– While they are registering for your association event, offer to “supersize” their registration to a more deluxe version.

– When a non-member registers for your association event, invite them to join at the same time (or before registering) to receive the member discounts.

– After an attendee registers for your association event, follow up soon afterward and then a few weeks later with the “supersize” offer or another supplemental offer if they didn’t accept it initially.

These tactics have the potential to be successful because the registrant already believes in your product – your association meeting – enough to register. Selling them on additional offerings is therefore far less difficult than convincing someone else to register in the first place.

Does your association provide supplemental offerings to attendees as they register? What percentage of those attendees purchase the supplement offers?

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