Association Q&A: Print Strategy

Should our association require advertisers to be association members?

The idea of requiring advertisers to be members is built on sound principles. After all, companies that are targeting your association members could greatly benefit from the additional benefits of membership, especially in-person networking. And, of course, additional members are almost always good for the association. However, the requirement of membership for advertising in your […]

Will our association get better results using oversized brochures?

Your association’s marketing materials probably come in a variety of sizes:  three-panel brochures that fit in #10 envelopes, larger brochures or fliers that fit in 9 x 12 envelopes, and everything in between … but perhaps not anything larger. So it’s fair to ask the question as to whether a larger brochure size will help […]

Is it OK for our association to send the same brochure twice?

Sending the same association brochure twice sounds odd to many association staff.  After all, won’t the association members and/or outside target audience be bored with seeing the same thing twice, and simply ignore it? The answer is “no,” they probably won’t ignore it; and “yes,” it is acceptable to send the same brochure twice – […]

How can we reduce our association printing costs without sacrificing quality?

Printed materials have long been important to associations, and will likely continue to be important to most associations for some time to come. But printers recognize the cost pressures that web sites and email have put on printed materials, leading some associations to reduce or even eliminate printed materials in favor of electronic communications. While […]

Is there a best type of printer for associations that we should be utilizing?

There are many great reasons to use vendors that specialize in associations.  They tend to have a better understanding of your target markets, your processes, your special challenges (also known as your most difficult volunteers), your unique timing needs, and your budget needs.  A good printer who has worked with associations in the past can […]