Association Q&A: Meeting Planning

Is RFID the next hot technology for our association meetings?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is making its way into our industry. It could quite honestly be the hottest technology since the birth of online registration for associations. But what exactly does it do? Is it cost effective? Is it efficient? RFID is a technology system with a tiny transmitting chip (or tag), a reader and […]

How should our association create our exhibitor directory?

If your association meeting has a large number of exhibitors and an extensive show directory, collecting the show directory information can be a tedious, error-prone process that the association staff probably dreads. Moving that information to an online system where the exhibitors enter and change their own information can save the association staff lots of […]

Should our association partner with another association for our meeting?

Partnerships can indeed be wonderful. We have all heard the concept of synergy: 1 + 1 = 3. Given the right partners and a strong execution, partnering with another association could give your association meeting a huge boost in attendance, prestige and revenue. However, before you jump at the first partnership that comes along, keep […]

Should my association outsource its meeting planning?

The days of you believing that your meeting is too small to outsource to a meeting planning firm should be over. Meeting planning firms have evolved to meet the needs of association staffs’ increased workloads, reduced staff and tighter budgets. Firms are using their combination of experience, creativity and expertise to help produce outstanding association […]

Should my association consider the impact of adult learning styles?

Ask yourself this: Do your members really learn anything during the break-out educational sessions at your annual conference? If not, perhaps it is time to take a step back and look beyond traditional learning styles to embrace a more learner-focused approach. The days of people sitting a half day in a meeting room and listening […]

How can my association win the “guarantee game”?

There are so many factors that can influence attendance at your association meeting: destination, program content, speakers, economic conditions, etc. As a result, guaranteeing food and beverage numbers can feel like a guessing game.  But winning that game may simply be a matter of statistical analysis – a thorough analysis of past historical data and […]

How can my association use revenue management in hotel negotiations?

Association meeting planners need to know and understand revenue management as it applies to hotel negotiations and contracts. You will gain a significant advantage if you understand the basic economics of how meeting facilities approach the business of association meetings. Revenue management is a process of making better business decisions based on supply and demand. […]