Association Strategic Planning and Change – Recommended Books

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Race to Relevance   – by Harrison Coerver and Mary Byers

Driving Strategic Planning   – by Deborah L. Kocsis and Susan A. Waechter

Generating Buzz – by Sally J. Patterson

The Nonprofit Board’s Role in Planning and Evaluation …  – by John A. Yankey (Author), Amy McClellan

Strategic Planning Workbook for Nonprofit Organization… – by Bryan W. Barry

Presenting Strategic Planning – by Michela Perrone

Managing Change  – by Charles F. Dambach, Oliver Tessier and Carol Weisman

The Nonprofit Dashboard – by Lawrence Butler

The Board Building Cycle – by Sandra R. Hughes, Berit M. Lakey, Marla J. Bobowick and National Center for Nonprofit Boards (U. S.)

Strategic Planning for Not-For-Profit Organizations

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