Association Financial Management – Recommended Books

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Minding The Money – by Robert P. Fry

Unlocking Profit Potential  – by Paul J. Wadell

Presenting – by Tom McLaughlin

Financial Responsibility of Nonprofit Boards – by Andrew S. Lang

Structures and Practices of Nonprofit Boards – by Charles F. Dambach

Fundraising Responsibility of Nonprofit Boards – by James M. Greenfield

Legal Responsibiliti of Nonprofit Boards – by Bruce R. Hopkins

The Nonprofit Board’s Role in Setting and Advancing th… – by Kay Sprinkel Grace

The Nonprofit Board’s Role in Planning and Evaluation … – by John A Yankey

How to Help Your Board Govern More Manage Less – by Richard P. Chait

Leadership Roles in Nonprofit Governance – by Robert L. Gale

Chief Executive Succession Planning – by Nancy R. Axelrod

Dollars and Sense – by Brian H. Vogel

Hiring the Chief Executive – by Sheila Albert

Boardsteps – by Joann Morgan Burstein

The Nonprofit Board Answer Book II – by Robert C. Andringa and Sandra Sabo

Extraordinary Board Leadership – by Doug Eadie

Understanding Nonprofit Financial Statements – by Steven H. Berger

Fearless Fundraising for Nonprofit Boards – by Dave Sternberg

Financial and Accounting Guide for Not-for-Profit Organizations – by Malvern J. Jr. Gross, John H. McCarthy, and Nancy E. Shelmon

Financial Planning for Nonprofit Organizations
 – by Jody Blazek

Operating Ratio Report: For manufacturing trade associations: A Survey

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