Are postcards effective marketing tools for our association events?

Postcards are relatively inexpensive media vehicles for two reasons:

1) They are inexpensive to print, especially given the large number of special postcard programs offered by printers.

2) They are inexpensive to mail due to the lower postage rate for cards that are 4.25 x 6 (or slightly smaller – see for exact specifications).

However, the question as to whether postcards are cost efficient marketing vehicles for your association events requires the answer to another question: Are they effective?

The only real answer would be found from testing. However, here are two points that generally hold true:

1) Postcards serve as effective reminders for your association events.

2) Postcards do not work well as the main marketing pieces for your association events.

In other words, postcards can work as teasers or reminders, but cannot replace brochures or other main informational pieces for your association events.

Is your association using postcards in its marketing efforts? Do they stand alone or are they part of an overall marketing mix?

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